Marma Points of Ayurveda

Ayurveda describes a number of energy points referred to as marmani (Sanskrit, plural, meaning lethal or vulnerable points; singular: marma), where there is greatest concentration of the organizing intelligence of the body. Stimulating these very delicate points in exactly the right place at a critical moment in time opens into the inner pharmacy of the body so the body is signaled to produce exactly what it needs. Marma points are vehicles to reach the ultimate goal of Ayurveda: perfect health.

A personal Marma Treatment session begins with an introductory consultation to understand your constitution, preparing and relaxing body and mind in order to work on specific marma points in a specific way according to your needs. Applying essential or herbal oils will support the process as they contain energy and information – intelligence from nature that will produce the desired response.

Claim your innate intelligence & open the doorway to your health and well-being.

Potential benefits of a Marma Treatment

  • balances the doshas & 7 body tissues
  • supports the digestive process
  • enhances immunity
  • relieves pain
  • rejuvenates
  • reduces physical and mental fatigue
  • lubricates joints
  • removes any blockages and congestion
  • balances hormonal system
  • balances emotional disorders
  • enhances intuition

Marma Behandlung

Activate your self-healing power and experience the positive effects of a Marma Treatment on the physical, mental and emotional level. Before the treatment we will have a brief counseling to determine your constitution and specific needs.

EUR Please inquire for individual pricing. 

Marma treatment is employed as a part of daily and seasonal life-style practices. Because Marma points are so intimately connected to our thoughts, perceptions and emotions as well as to the entire structure of the physical body, a marma treatment can be a powerful ally for your Yoga and meditation journey, facilitating the opening up of consciousness on an inner level. It is helping to calm the mind & emotions and used to free the mind and body of the accumulated stresses and toxins that limit consciousness and burden the heart.

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kombiniert den Sanskrit-Begriff "ayus" (Leben, Lebensdauer oder Langlebigkeit) und das englische Verb "to align" mit der Bedeutung "im Einklang mit dem Leben"

  • inspiriert uns, für ein erfüllteres und glücklicheres Leben Yoga & Ayurveda Praktiken und Prinzipien in den Alltag zu integrieren
  • transformiert und befähigt, uns für einen harmonischen, ausgewogenen und nachhaltigen Lebensstil zu entscheiden
  • erweitert unser Bewusstsein auf der physischen, mentalen und spirituellen Ebene
  • dient dem Wohlergehen unserer Mitmenschen als natürliches Ergebnis eines erweiterten Bewusstseins

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