About Me


My name is Christine. Living and sharing the ancient wisdom teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda in modern times feels my life’s genuine purpose. I am always interested in expanding myself and my knowledge by exploring and integrating the essential wisdom into my practice.

As a traveling yogi I have not yet committed to one place. Therefore, I am sharing sessions online, offering personally one-on-one sessions and retreats in the community in the place I currently reside. It is in these spaces that we can truly connect and where transformation can happen.

I am happy to guide you through practices that restore, rejuvenate and nourish mind, body and spirit.
Along with the integration of a holistic lifestyle, I witnessed greater levels of inner peace, compassion, joy and an even deeper yearning for life. Higher degrees of energy, vitality and immunity allow for realizing and truly living aligned with my values & goals:
AYURLIGN – aligned with life!
Let me share the practice with you –  that deepens our understanding of our body’s innate intelligence for a vital, vibrant and wise life.

Mission Statement

Any living being – human, animal or plant – on earth is equally valuable and has a right to live as part of the respective ecosystems. Order and balance in natural ecosystems is usually beautifully given. We as human beings can harness plants, animals, water and air to preserve ourselves and thereby maintain our balance, but by doing so we also need to take care that the balance of nature is preserved.

Humans at this point in history are the only life form on earth that tries to work against the laws and wisdom of nature (in Ayurveda termed as ‘Prajnaparadha’ and translates into ‘crimes against wisdom’). We have the tendency to exploit nature disproportionately and immoderately resulting in an ongoing environmental degradation that we can’t deny. This results in ecosystems out of balance as a consequence of humanity out of balance. If we would only remember that nature can exist without humanity but that humanity cannot exist without nature, we would at least take measures to secure ourselves if not in the pursuit to save the environment. Therefore, we should try to intervene into the ecosystems only as much as necessary and as little as needed. By aligning with our inner wisdom and by establishing the required balance within ourselves we awaken biosphere consciousness – consciousness for the wellbeing of all.



Food choices and the way we lead our lives are both the cause and effect of our diet and lifestyle. Via our daily diet, lifestyle, and the cultivation of awareness we can improve our strength and immunity and moreover, we can create a positive impact. Therefore nutrition – an important principle of the Ayurvedic system for general health of our bodies and the prevention of disease – plays  a crucial role in Ayurlign’s approach. This approach encompasses a holistic diet which takes into account the larger planetary implications of what to eat, including the effects on preserving nature and its ecosystems, world hunger, world peace, as well as the ethical, moral, and spiritual issues related to diet.

With expanded awareness it becomes obvious that the ordinary everyday consciousness that we have, disregards more than it perceives. Thus, it is crucial to discover what is ignored in order to harmoniously align with life. By developing the faculties of the mind through the ancient wisdom traditions of Yoga (science of Self-realization), Ayurveda (science of life/longevity) and Jyotish (science of light) we are given the means to reestablish ourselves in vibrant health, increase altruistic qualities, learn to manage egoistic tendencies and learn how to reduce indifference and dullness. Ultimately, by expanding our own consciousness and serving our own wellbeing we consequently contribute to the wellbeing of all.



I strongly believe that if we bring ourselves back to balance we also naturally develop balance on an environmental and social level. We recognize the value of serving and understand that world peace is a function of inner peace. Since 2006 I support  MATI NGO, a non-governmental organisation specialised in poverty reduction, women empowerment and human rights in Bangladesh. Serving others is serving myself. 

I do not follow a specific dogma nor I am advocating a specific concept, belief or diet. I solely love to inspire naturally, share what is in my experience, entertain and create space to recreate and tune in with our inner & outer nature.

My Journey in a Nutshell

I like to compare all living beings on Earth as more or less refined diamonds – unique. Through all of life’s journeys, each individual’s unique aspects are common to everyone. I discovered that my process of refining remains ongoing which means living life to the fullest while always integrating new experiences and trying to shine as bright as possible. By following an open door policy with life and especially having incorporated Yoga & Ayurvedic principles and practices, I bring better health, more serenity and even more joy into my life. At this point I would like to share a bit about my life journey…

This process began in 1981, when I was born in a little town in Germany and raised in a beautiful natural environment, riding horses and always being connected to nature. That innate link was slightly lost through the general conditioning of education and the idea of seeking security – a path that led into Frankfurt’s finance industry. Seeking more fairness, solidarity, co-creation, sustainabilty, cooperation vs. competition, and peace in a globalized world always has been a concern of mine. This tendency resulted in my volunteering with MATI, a non-governmental organisation focusing on alleviating extreme poverty in Bangladesh. Shifting between these two seemingly extreme worlds, I more consciously discovered my true needs and values. While serving my individual needs – a simple, convenient, happiness-maximizing and good life – I feel a sense of responsibility towards helping the poor and creating real impact.


The career that could appease my seeking for greater purpose in life, started with the practice of yoga in 2010. During vacations somewhere by the sea -always traveling alone- I perfectly could connect to myself, to places and to exceptional people that deeply inspired me. These experiences let me rediscover my innate desire to be in and around nature and brought me in closer contact to my own inner nature and purpose. To extend this me-time, I kissed the bank job goodbye in 2014 and gave up what I called my cozy home in order to experience another reality. I then spent time in South America where my spiritual journey more consciously began to unfold. During my 1st yoga teacher training in Cusco, Peru I felt more connected as my values aligned with those of the other yogis than compared to the crowd back home. Being again on horseback in Bolivia also helped me to restore my value system as being connected with these animals was part of my childhood experience. A conviction of “everything is here to serve you” and a feeling of coherence grew strong during these months in South America. I have to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to meet all the naturally openhearted people and experiences. It helped me thrive and marked a distinctive turning point in my life.


I began teaching yoga,

 and it was just natural for me to start a “sustainable” business that would rather fulfill a “wellbeing for all” approach matching my intrinsic values. Not too creative but with a passion for food and love for cows, I had the idea to produce Dulce de Leche with milk from regional, happy cows to support local farmers. Other dimensions of sustainability were deliciousness, general food transparency, bypassing wholesale in the supply chain and especially the social mission attached to it: part of the profits supported the NGO MATI in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, “happy” cows and regional organic farming hardly exist anymore – a bitter truth. I am still willing to make a difference despite my beloved “ArgenTines Dulce de Leche” is not being commercially available anymore. It was a good experience and taught me the challenges of social entrepreneurship.

Through an ‘on and off’ relationship with a job in commercial banking that finally came to an end in 2018, I better understood my perceived inner and outer conflict between a corporate and spiritual career: everything is here to teach us something. I appreciate that the corporate job served a higher purpose to fulfill and realize my higher values: space and time to get in touch with my authentic inner Self. Furthermore, I am continuously motivated to make a living supporting an idea with an environmentally and socially responsible “wellbeing for all” approach rather than a profit-focused way to make a decent living.

Always doing, striving 24/7 and our general “busyness” make health, relationships and wellbeing suffer. We as a species seem to have lost touch with ourselves – lost touch with our ability to listen to our bodies, minds, and hearts. I feel our modern way of life due to “busyness” and unhealthful nutrition disconnects us from life energy sources important to properly nurture the body, mind and spirit. That’s why Ayurlign – aligning with life – applying the ancient wisdom in modern times makes so much sense to me.

As I integrated Yoga and Ayurveda principles naturally into my life and observed the benefits that came in the form of health, happiness, vitality and joy, I love to share my knowledge and passion of these ancient healing techniques with everyone who seeks greater fulfillment and alignment with life. I want to cultivate awareness to develop true intelligence – within myself and others – for more love and compassion in our inner and outer worlds – for the wellbeing of all.

Love, go with the flow, live and enjoy,

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Science of Light: Jyotish Practitioner Course 1 (since 2023) with Freedom Cole
  • Phytotherapy Training (European healing plants; since 2023)
  • RYT 300 Hour Sattva Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh, India (2020)
  • Marma Therapy Course II, Rishikesh, India (8/2020)
  • Ayurveda Health Consultant (2017-2019)
  • 5o Hour Yin Yoga TT, Frankfurt, Germany (9/2018)
  • Marma Therapy Course I, Rishikesh, India (4/2017)
  • RYT 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Goa, India (11/2016)
  • RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Cusco, Peru (9/2014)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (9/2008)


  • combines the Sanskrit term ‘ayus’ (life, lifespan or longevity) and the English verb ‘align’ meaning ‘aligning with life’

    • inspires to integrate Yoga & Ayurveda practices and principles into your lifestyle for a healthier and happier life
    • transforms and empowers one to choose a more harmonious, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle
    • expands one’s awareness on the physical, mental, and spiritual plane
    • serves the wellbeing of all as natural outcome of expanded awareness

Connect, be inspired & practice with me!

I will support you exploring the wisdom of your body, either with or without prior knowledge – back to the essential with care, simplicity and mindfulness. Let me support & guide you through your evolutionary journey!

Start your Ayurlign Journey today!

10 % of sales is donated to selfdefined rural development projects in Bangladesh