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Ayurlign’s holistic approach to wellbeing involves incorporating a range of health- & self-care practices into your daily life, covering body, mind & spirit. When we begin to experience the value of caring for all parts of ourselves, we begin to feel complete, fulfilled, compassionate, vital, and happier and uncover a radiance that shines from inside out.

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I am Christine and committed
to cultivating awareness; to inspiring
and empowering myself & others to become more resilient, mindful, and conscious beings through
Yoga & Ayurveda technology.

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Incorporating regular Yoga & Ayurveda routine and practices into your life is an investment in your wellbeing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Yoga vitalizes and rejuvenates the body while also helping to calm the mind. Yoga practices nourish our wellbeing leading to a vital and energized life.


Ayurveda strongly advocates a holistic diet to attain wellbeing and health. According to Ayurvedic thinking the source of food, its preparation, the way we eat, and the qualities of food have a significant effect on our wellbeing. Learn how to bring your diet in alignment with your individual constitution.


The way we lead our lives are both the cause and effect of our diet and lifestyle. Via our daily diet, lifestyle, and the cultivation of awareness we can improve our strength and immunity and moreover, we can create a positive impact.



Ayurlign Logo

ayurlign combines the Sanskrit term ‘ayus’ (life, lifespan or longevity) and the English verb ‘align’ meaning ‘aligning with life’

  • inspires to integrate Yoga & Ayurveda practices and principles into your lifestyle for a healthier and happier life
  • transforms and empowers one to choose a more harmonious, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle
  • expands one’s awareness on the physical, mental, and spiritual plane
  • serves the wellbeing of all as natural outcome of expanded awareness


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10 % of sales is donated to selfdefined rural development projects in Bangladesh