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Experience a unique journey that will allow you to deeply connect with your inner being. Find out more about the approach of Ayurlign Yoga here and view practice options.

1 to 1 or Group Session

During an Ayurlign Guidance session I will assess your unique constitution. Recommendations – given from a holistic viewpoint will improve your wellbeing.


Let me support you implementing a daily routine & healthy habits to help you achieve holistic health and transforming your life!

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Activate your self-healing power and experience the positive effects of Marma treatment on the physical, mental and emotional level.


Practice Ayurlign Yoga with me and gradually integrate your personal personal sadhana (spiritual practice) into your daily life to access greater transcendental wisdom. 


Ayurveda focuses on the digestive system when it comes to healing the body & mind. Register for this Ayurvedic cleanse program and take your gut health to the next level!


combines the Sanskrit term ‘ayus’ (life, lifespan or longevity) and the English verb ‘align’ meaning ‘aligning with life’

  • inspires to integrate Yoga & Ayurveda practices and principles into your lifestyle for a healthier and happier life
  • transforms and empowers one to choose a more harmonious, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle
  • expands one’s awareness on the physical, mental, and spiritual plane
  • serves the wellbeing of all as natural outcome of expanded awareness

Connect, be inspired & practice with me!

10 % of sales is donated to selfdefined rural development projects in Bangladesh