Ayurlign Guidance

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Health is Wealth & Prevention is cheaper than Cure!

Ayurlign Guidance

During an Ayurlign Guidance session I will assess your particular situation, not only on the physical level, but also on the mental/emotional level (e.g. relationships, stress levels, reaction to environmental changes, food cravings and aversions, sexual desire, quality of sleep, etc). The assessment will help to disclose your unique constitution and determine if there’s a current imbalance. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations will suppport you to bring you back into your individual balance – activating your body’s self-healing mechanisms for optimum immunity & vitality. Through our counseling you will learn to realize unhealthful behavioral patterns and habits and let go of these in order to bring you closer to your true inner wisdom. 


The consultation comprises recommendations regarding:

  • holistic diet
  • healthy lifestyle
  • disease prevention and rejuvenation
  • Ayurvedic dietary supplements
  • Ayurlign Yoga

Practices and recommendations are provided in an individualized plan according to your specific needs.

EUR Please inquire about individual pricing.

The power of Yoga & Ayurveda is that these ancient sister sciences address the root of any imbalance, instead of merely covering up symptoms.


combines the Sanskrit term ‘ayus’ (life, lifespan or longevity) and the English verb ‘align’ meaning ‘aligning with life’

  • inspires to integrate Yoga & Ayurveda practices and principles into your lifestyle for a healthier and happier life
  • transforms and empowers one to choose a more harmonious, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle
  • expands one’s awareness on the physical, mental, and spiritual plane
  • serves the wellbeing of all as natural outcome of expanded awareness

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10 % of sales is donated to selfdefined rural development projects in Bangladesh